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Our Mission/Vision

Mission Statement

We further engage to passionately strive to fulfill the great commission and to spread the gospel according to Matthew 28:18-20. As an evolving community oriented, bible based, culturally diverse church ministry which nurtures the biblical principles of spiritual empowerment, this ministry is designed to promote positive lifestyles, family values, emotional wellness, basic health and prosperity through Christian fellowship.


Vision Statement

The New Horizon Community Church vision is to emulate the unique characteristic of the New Testament Church as indicated in the book of Acts using the technology and resources of the 21st Century.  We will establish a cutting edge Church where people can be challenged and changed to a higher spiritual level; thus being able to empower others toward a New Horizon experience in God through the following Inspiration:

New Life in the WORD

Experience the joy and excitement of God

We are to be empowered from on High

Harvest is plentiful for all

Opportunity To Serve

Rising to a higher level of spirituality
It’s time to learn biblical laws of prosperity

Zeal of faith expression

Overcoming hurts of the past

Next stage In God’s plan for your life


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